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Pirate Party: Women of the High Seas

Get the Pirate Party game fro 1-4 players age 10+.  Includes  solo player mode, TWO free Seaport Solitaire games, and more!

A lightly strategic, competitive, set collection card game featuring powerful women pirates inspired from history.

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Raid and plunder the most pirate booty

Pirate Party: Women of the High Seas is a lightly strategic, competitive set collection card game of diverse women pirates inspired from history. There’s plenty of adventure, treasure, period ships, mermaid wild cards and a Kraken attack.

For 1-4 players, easy to learn,  20+ minutes to play, pirate party game.

six women pirate captains for Pirate Party Women of the High Seas a card game from Seaport Games

Pirate Party: Women of the High Seas

Pirate party game is a competitive card game for one to four players.  If you love Pirates of the Caribbean, cosplay in pirate gear (aaarg), or love majestic tall ships this is the game for you!

This lightly strategic, set collection card game makes the top of the list of pirate party games for 2022.

Are you looking for pirate party game ideas? Pirate Party card games for 1-4 people offers 20 minutes or more of pirate theme party game fun.

Pirate Party game is currently being mass produced and is only available as an online pre-order. Follow along and you can be the first to play Pirate Party.  We’ll let you know!

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About Pirate Party Card Game

Pirate Party gmae is a card game currently in development by Seaport Games.

The game features historic pirate captains and beautiful illustrations of several types of pirate ships.

There is plenty of adventure and treasure to find once you set sail in this light, competitive, pirate theme game.

Pirate Party is easy to learn, only takes 20 minutes to play, and offers hours of enjoyment whether playing on land or at sea.

For a sneak peek into the game rules, please see How To Play.

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Game News

Game News  highlights updates on the Pirate Party game development. Join us on this journey to publish our first game!  We’ll include posts on pirate lore,  news on fun pirate events, and opportunities to play-test our games.  Learn more…


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