Pirate Party: Women Of The High Seas


Pirate Party: Women of the High Seas is a lightly strategic, set collection card game featuring powerful women pirates inspired from history.

Pillage and plunder to collect the most pirate points to win! features plenty of adventure with player interaction, period ships, mermaid wildcards keep the action moving, and a dreaded kraken attack.

1-4 players ages 10 + and takes 20 minutes to play. Includes solo player mode and two Seaport Solitaire games.

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Plunder, pillage, and raid from other players to take the largest pirate booty!

Players race to collect sets of cards featuring powerful diverse women pirate captains inspired from history.  This lightly strategic card game features plenty of adventure with player interaction, period ships, mermaid wild cards, and a dreaded Kraken Attack.

Kraken attack ends the card game pirate party women of the high seas from seaport games

How to Play:

  • Players start with eight cards each and the remaining deck forms the draw pile.
  • A turn consists of playing sets face up on the table.
  • A set can be suited with at least three cards that must include a captain, crew, and a ship or another card in the suit. Then use the special power of the captain to plunder cards from other players.
  • A set can be 3-of-a-kind such as 3 birds or 3 maps or 3 treasure chests. Match cards to sets of other players by suit or kind. Adventure cards keep the competition for pirate points lively.
  • Three mermaid wild cards keep the action moving.
  • Draw a card when you are done playing any sets, matches, or adventure cards then the turn is over.
  • Game play moves to the next player. All cards played score pirate points at the end of the game. The player with the most points wins.

Solo mode and bonus Seaport Solitaire games included!

1-4 players, ages 10+, 20 minutes to play.

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Dimensions 9 × 7 × 1 in


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