May Game News

Good News!

Shanghai is reopening and we just got word the game factory is starting to slowly come back to the production line. Pirate Party: Women of the High Seas is ready for mass production and should be complete in early June.  Freight from China to USA is being booked and the games should be available in August.

See the details on Gamefound

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Pirate Party on Tour!

Pirate Party: Women of the High Sea will be at Puddle Jump Play Festival on Saturday, June 18 at Ballard Homestead in Seattle.

Join us to play the game and see a live demo. Details and tickets at PuddleJumpPlay.

Get the Kickstarter limited edition with all stretch rewards, solo player mode, TWO free Seaport Solitaire games, and more!

Launched on Kickstarter!

Launched on Kickstarter!

Make this game a reality!

Pirate Party: Women of the High Seas card game has launched on Kickstarter.

This is your opportunity to help bring this game to life.  You can make meaningful contributions to this project by:

  • Play testing the game for free online during this campaign (Tabletop Simulator on Steam or Tabletopia)
  • Providing constructive feedback
  • Sharing the project with your network of friends and family
  • Subscribing to the newsletter below
  • Joining the Facebook group HERE
  • Pledging your financial support in any amount right for you

Every pledge counts!

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