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Anne Bonny – Pirate of the Caribbean

Anne Bonny was never “ladylike.” In fact, many fellows at their first glance wouldn’t have thought her to be a lady at all. With a loose tunic and men’s cap perched atop a thicket of fiery red hair, Anne sailed the high seas as one of the most ruthless female pirates in maritime history — all while disguised as a man!

Anne was no stranger to cross-dressing, for even as a child she wore boyish clothing; she had been posed as her father’s nephew to avoid the scandal of being born out of wedlock. But, in spite of these early hardships, Anne grew up to have a fierce and courageous temper. She would often find herself in fights as a teenaged girl, even beating up a suitor of hers! All of this disappointed her father deeply, but she knew that her own freedom and independence as a woman was paramount. She couldn’t be bothered with what others thought of her.

Eventually, Anne was whisked away to the Caribbean by a young sailor named James Bonny. They married without her father’s approval and Anne said her somber goodbyes to her childhood home. But her spirits were soon lifted — James introduced her to the twinkling blue seas and the warm, hearty glow of the pirate bars that dotted the coast. It was in those very bars that Anne found her true calling as a swashbuckling swindler, swapping stories and making merry with the men. But it was on one starry night in the Bahamas that Anne met a man who was different from the rest… that was the night Anne was introduced to a flamboyant pirate captain by the name of John Rackham, aka Calico Jack.

Jack, with his colorful fine fabrics and silver tongue, was unlike any pirate she had ever met before. Anne had never felt love for anyone before — but just looking at Jack’s smile made her heart flutter. The two instantly connected. Jack himself was attracted to Anne’s capability and strength as a woman, and Anne couldn’t help but to fall for his confident charm. It wasn’t long before rumors of their torrid affair spread throughout New Providence, but before poor sailor James could confront his wife about her relations to Jack, the two had set sail. Anne, determined to finally make a life of her own, became a member of Calico Jack’s crew and his right-hand woman!

Within no time, Anne was able to prove herself as a valuable member of the pirate crew. When a puny deckhand on Jack’s ship began to jabber about a female being aboard, Anne silenced him herself: by stabbing him through the heart with her blade. Afterwards, every member aboard The Ranger treated Anne with the utmost respect. It wasn’t long until Anne introduced another female crew member aboard, a young woman named Mary Read whose grit and ability to disguise herself as a man made her the perfect companion to Anne. Together, the two became pirate legends, and their names would go down in history!

Logan Thompson

Logan Thompson


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Pirate Party: Women of the High Seas

Anne Bonny is one of six vibrant, diverse, historic women pirate captains with special powers in this twist on pirate card games.

Race to collect sets of cards by suit that include a captain and crew or sets of 3-of-a-kind. Plunder, pillage and raid from other players to take the largest pirate booty. If you are lucky, a mermaid may help you. Just beware the Kraken!


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